It is with regret that I inform our customers of KUE! that we will stop regular releases due to a very busy and pressing college schedule. We will however not entirely stop sales, just consolidating our items and moving to enhance the Cafe Gamma and FABLED sim. This means that we are closing our store at Koh Lan's location.

As a thank you to all our customers present and past, we will be selling our inventory for 10L and 50L respectively for a week, before we pack the shop for its new function and location.

Thank you all for all your input and fun moments. I hope to see many around in Second Life in the coming future at Cafe Gamma, KUE! and FABLED new sim. Links and updates will be sent through our subscriber when the time comes.

-Jubatajuno Noyes

The Cafe Hunt! [2012]

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Hello friends of KUE! and Cafe Gamma~

It has been a while, as I enter Junior Independent Study at college and work on my printmaking portfolio. KUE! will see a few new releases this year, and participate in some hunts. We have been working hard on setting up a new cafe at a new location. This location will be used for a future project involving a mini game to which KUE! will be part of. Please look forward to the 'Fabled Project' in the near future ^_^ The new release for the store will be available in February 2012.

This year, we start off with Little Crown Vendors "The Cafe Hunt"

KUEthecafehunt2012prizes.jpgFor this hunt we give away many prizes related to Cafe Gamma. The items contained are:
-Necklace with Coffee bag charm (neck and chest attachment points)
-Wearable crate with coffee bags (no modify script)
-1 prim rezable Copy & Modify OK coffee bag for decoration
-7 prim rezable Copy & Modify OK crate with 4 coffee bags
-20 prim Copy OK 7 person multiple seat decoration, backroom of Cafe Gamma style

Please enjoy the hunt, starting January 15th until January 31st :)
Official site of hunt sponsor: 
New Gatya machine: Classic Toy Laserguns! They come in 4 colours (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) and 1 super-secret color edition. They shoot twinkly stars with sound effects, the super secret edition shoots a special bullet~ Toy Laserguns are click-to-shoot, no need to go in mouse-mode. Just wear and shoot with left mouse button! Other variation prizes in the Gatya are floaties and necklaces of the Toy Lasergun. Price set at L$20 per try. Have fun, and good luck!


Release in Second Life will be simultaneously with sales release of Toy Lasergun furniture and Toys through the vendor. A special version of the Toy Lasergun will be available through the Waffle Fox Hunt that will start July 15th.

Pew-Pew-Pew! (for Gatya, Toy and Furniture release very soon!)KUElasertoyPREVIEW.jpg

Alpacas are at KUE! You can get two types of Toy Alpacas to hold and rez (L$150), a giant alpaca to sit with up to 7 people (L$200), and cute little alpacas in kinchaku bags through the new Gatya-Machine (L$20)!